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  • Samantha Reece

What would apartment livers change?

Certainly knowledge is power and once you buy a home or apartment there are often aspects that you would change to make your life better – and this was true with the respondents to the recent Australian Apartment Advocacy research.

Not surprisingly there was once again consistencies across the states with 37% of respondents nationally stating that they would like more storage followed by more parking bays (26%).

When it came to their complex, residents were generally happy with their development (31% nationally) with the only key factor they were seeking to improve being more visitor parking (32%).

But what was most interesting was the fact that a massive 68% nationally would not change anything about the neighbourhood in which they were residing – which is not surprising considering they could walk to public transport, shops, cafes and parks!

And to reinforce their happiness with this housing choice 95% nationally rated they were satisfied with their purchase and 65% of owner occupiers nationally would recommend apartment living.

With this high degree of satisfaction, it begs the question why aren’t more people considering apartment living?

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