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2023 Apartment Living Research report

AAA undertakes bi-annual National apartment living research, with our 2023 study securing 2000 respondents.  We asked a range of questions about their apartment, what they loved and what they would change as well as what amenities they have and use and what they would buy next.  This is the only research of its kind in Australia.  

AAA is launching the research results in Brisbane on 7 September,  Melbourne on 12 September and Sydney on 14 September at Hassell's studios. Click on the location that suits you to register.  Dowload the promotional PDF listed on this website for more details.




To secure your State report costs $1500 (plus GST) or all States (WA/QLD/Victoria/NSW) is $5000 plus GST.  Contact to order your report today. 


The impact of COVID

On average 77% of apartment owners felt that COVID had not impacted on their appetite for apartment living and in fact 10% loved living in their apartment more post COVID then pre! Each State did differ, in regards to the positives as well as improvements they would like to see.

What would they change?

While 70% of apartment owners were satisfied with their apartment and would recommend their lifestyle - there were a number of factors they would change in their apartment, complex and also neighbourhood.

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How did they hear about their apartment?

Knowing where to spend your marketing dollars to get the best conversion rate is essential to a successful campaign.  AAA's research can give you that insight!

Buying off the plan

How confident are buyers in securing their apartment off the plan? And what additional information do they need to know?

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