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Advocate - Educate - Lead

The Australian Apartment Advocacy was started by Samantha Reece in 2016 after specialising in the property sector for over 25 years.

Starting initially in WA, the organisation went National in 2019 and became a not for profit in 2022.

Representing 2.5 million apartment owners in Australia, AAA is known as a trailblazer, creating a number of innovative tools and resources such as the Apartment buyer and owner education kit and Strata Success benchmark tool, to equip apartment buyers and owners to make informed decisions.


In recent years, Samantha has become known as the Erin Brockovich of Apartments - fighting for owners consumer rights, when it comes to defects and poor standards with strata managers.

Winner of the 2019 PIA Ministers Award for Excellence, Samantha also has a strong media profile which assists in driving the change required in the apartment sector.

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