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  • Samantha Reece

The evolution of body corporate management

When Elizabeth Juric started her career in property management in Queensland some 40 years ago there were management agreements for 99 years. In 2022, these agreements are now restricted to three years – but regardless of these advances with business practices, some aspects have held true over this time.

“Maintaining long term relationships with our body corporates and staff has always been a focus at Civium,” Elizabeth said.

“While industry turnover of body corporate managers is between 10-15% we are proud to say that at Civium, 80% of our staff have been with us for eight years or longer and we believe this is key to our ongoing strength.

“It is important that our managers create strong relations with our body corporate clients because we believe it is a true partnership. Ultimately we are guiding our owners on their financials, sinking funds and maintenance plans, insurance and community development and this can only be achieved effectively through intimately knowing the scheme and its intricacies.”

AAA Director Samantha Reece stated that the newly launched Strata Success also sought to determine best practice within the strata sector.

“For 60% of owners, this is the first time that they have lived in an apartment and so their understanding of their responsibilities and the role of the strata manager is something they need to acquaint themselves with,” Ms Reece said.

“As such our Apartment Buyer and Owner Education kit and newly launched Strata Success benchmark tool is part of the ways that the Australian Apartment Advocacy can guide owners to make smart decisions about their community and property.”

For further information about Civium’s services contact Ella Creighton, Business Development Manager at

The team at Civium celebrating longevity with their staff and customer relations.

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