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Premium Strata - Focused on Diamond-Class Service

When Leanne Habib founded Premium Strata in 2007, the world of strata and building management was a relatively simple affair. However 16 years on, Premium Strata has emerged as the leading strata management company in NSW thanks to their unparalleled expertise and devotion.

Leanne and Co-Director Inger Brettle (whom both have in excess of 23 years in strata management) manage a number of commercial and industrial complexes in Sydney – from the renowned Opal Tower to Parramatta’s West village as well as Strathfield’s The Greens and Liverpool’s The Paper Mill.

Managing apartment complexes requires a distinct set of skills and expertise, especially considering the growing prevalence of defects and the emergence of community title schemes. Leanne emphasized the need for specialized knowledge in this field.

"We are excited to work closely with our sister company, Premium Building Management who are focused and situated onsite managing the repairs and maintenance of a building. While strata management primarily focuses on the finances and general administration of a scheme, managing building defects remotely requires a separate and specialized skillset. Our Sister company together with Premium Strata will ensure that your building is well-maintained and all issues are addressed promptly and efficiently," Leanne explained.

"We have established ourselves as a reliable and valued partner for Owners Corporations, who count on us daily to provide skilled tradespeople and experts. We not only assess any potential defects they may have, but also provide thorough solutions to help resolve any issues."

Over the years, Leanne and her team have been sought after for their expertise in providing leadership on strata developments across the entire state. Her insights and knowledge have proven to be invaluable in guiding and shaping the future of these schemes.

"We take pride and are committed to going above and beyond with the management of our clients’ complexes, while ensuring they comply with legislation and the Act. Leadership is the key to any successful management of an Owners Corporation especially when a scheme is faced with challenges that require a clear direction on the next and best steps" Leanne expressed.

"If you believe it's time for a new strata manager, we would be pleased to meet and discuss our Diamond-class service and its exceptional benefits."

"At Premium Strata, we are dedicated to providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your most valuable asset is in good hands."

To contact Premium Strata please call 9281 6440 or you can reach them at Alternatively, you can visit their website for more information here.

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