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  • Samantha Reece

Making residential strata buildings smarter

One of the big problems with living in residential strata is finding the right information, people and services when you need it. Few buildings have an easy-to-find online place for this useful information. This can be frustrating when residents have problems or need fast access to building rules, emergency contacts or important building announcements. Often there are multiple stakeholders responsible, so finding the right person can be a challenge, particularly outside office hours. And being charged to get access to your buildings’ information by your Owners Corporation manager can add insult to injury!

A newly launched company, Roost has decided to solve this problem by building an easily accessible digital place to host useful information, services and contact information for every residential strata building in Australia. While only new to the market, the online platform already boasts 74,000 buildings nationally.

Each building page has its own always-on “virtual concierge” that can help residents with a range of tasks including accessing information, reporting and getting help with problems, and contacting key people. Residents, committees or building teams can quickly set-up their buildings’ virtual concierge with just a few data points at no charge. Building and strata managers can also use Roost for a small flat monthly fee. Once activated, Roost then provides resident invites to promote the service to other residents so that the whole building can be connected through one convenient portal.

So find your Roost at and see how this can assist your building’s residents and committees to make your building better and smarter.

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