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Environmental conscious apartment owners focused on savings

Research conducted by Australian Apartment Advocacy (AAA) has revealed that 23% of NSW respondents, from a total of 3312 nationally, counted environmental attributes as extremely/very important when purchasing their apartment. Unlike other states, this demographic also tended to reflect three person households, with close to 50% of these respondents also being classified as either retired or transitioning to.

Not surprisingly 21% stated they liked the environmental credentials of their building and in addition, these respondents tended to be more active with their apartment amenities than other respondents, utilising the outdoor recreation areas, gym and indoor spa.

However, these respondents were on par with other owner occupiers, emphasising they purchased their apartments because of its location (80%) and being close to public transport (58%).

Director of AAA Samantha Reece stated that with increasing energy costs, the environmental initiatives in new apartments allowed residents to not only manage and monitor their power usage but also consider alternative energy providers.

“Environmental initiatives incorporated in an apartment design can offer up to 19% savings a year in energy consumption and to have this flexibility is a bonus for many residents,” Ms Reece said.

“The fact that close to a quarter of the survey respondents indicated that they were focused on this attribute also demonstrates that the demand for environmental amenity within apartment designs is only going to continue in the longer term.”

Simon James Executive General Manager Marketing and Sales of WINconnect, a specialist in community energy networks, stated that research with 5000 of their 50,000 customers indicated that 42% were extremely or very interested in energy management tips.

“If consumers are not wise with choosing their energy provider they can pay up to 19% more than the Australian Energy Regulators (AER) Reference Price and this places undue burden on a household,” Mr James said.

“Providing customers with the control to utilise energy at the most cost-effective times is a tool that we have recognised is essential as the energy market continues to be deregulated.”

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25 Οκτ 2019

Location was important because I prefer not to have to maintain a car as was being able to shop for basics. I did not have the option in buying an environmental conscious apartment as there didn't seem to be any available in my price range. I just wanted a roof over my head but it seems one cannot get anything but a dog box without having to pay for a swimming pool or gym or big marble/mirror filled foyer or garden one doesn't use.

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