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AAA sets its sights on QLD

For the last three months AAA CEO Samantha Reece has been travelling back and forth to QLD as part of AAA’s expansion into the State.

The current climate of reviewing legislation impacting apartments, including the Developer, HWI and Management Rights reviews, is an indication to AAA that change is afoot.

“AAA is focused on consumer protection for apartment owners and currently the restrictions of insurance to three storeys, 25 year Management Rights agreements and a swag of other matters including smoking on balconies, pets and breaches of bylaws are definitely something that AAA wants to have a significant say over,” Ms Reece said.

“There are currently 600,000 apartment owners in QLD and with that set to grow, it is important that whatever changes come into play, they maintain contemporary and withstand the test of time.”

To date AAA has secured the financial support from key companies for its expansion into QLD including CHU Insurance, Lannocks Strata Finance, Xspor, WINconnect, Voltin, Network Architectural, Hutchinson Builders, Grace Lawyers, Civium BC Management, Innovative Lift Consulting, Serviced Hot Water, Seymour Consulting and AccessPro Solutions.

“We are very excited for QLD and what the next 12-18 months hold and AAA is predicting that a suite of changes will bring greater surety to apartment owners across this State.

“With the support of our partners, we are pursuing the appointment of a State Manager and look forward to galvanising the call for greater consumer protection for all QLD apartment owners.”

Those companies that would like to chat with AAA about partnering in QLD can contact Samantha Reece on

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1 Comment

Nov 14, 2022

When can we expect to see you in the NT ?


John Brears

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