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Timely action saves the day

When the Owners Corporation at Marathon Road, Darling Point reported water ingress via their roof in 2021, they did what any responsible OC should do and decided to take immediate action to remediate the waterproofing.

Relying on their Strata Manager Shweta Ranawat, the OC called for three quotes and then reviewed prior to choosing their preferred supplier.

Ms Reece, Director of AAA advised that waterproofing was one of the most important decisions an OC could make for its building.

“The application of waterproofing is technical and there is a specific application process and that is why you are seeking a licensed installer.”

In this case, the OC chose Danrae.

“The warranty period was longer than the other contractors and the material they recommended for repairs had excellent review,” Shweta said.

“They weren’t the cheapest but I have had past dealings with Danrae and they are specialists in this area of work.

“I have found them honest and after their first inspection they will advise if the matter is something other than waterproofing.

“Their quality of their work and the continual updates gave me confidence that the OC had made the right choice, and we have had no complaints since.

To chat to Shweta about her experience with Danrae call her at Jamesons 02 8969 3392 or call Renee at Danrae direct on 02 8105 0424 for a quote or inspection.

Images above of before the works, during and post the waterproofing repairs.

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1 Comment

Graham Johnson
Graham Johnson
Oct 18, 2022

Awesome that NSW has this under control.......... What are you doing for Victoria where apartment owners are getting reamed by the OC/VCAT because of a decision by VCAT that apartment owners are responsible to make good podium level water proofing membranes that essentially benefit ALL lot owners and drain the entire building? This is exactly what Apartment advocacy is supposed to be supporting us with.. Unjust rulings that are not uniform between the states of Australia.

This fight has been the detriment of podium level owners in our building for over 8 years. So what Victorian Strata lawyers can come to our aid in fighting an unjust ruling in VCAT?

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