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  • Samantha Reece

Success with recladding project under Cladding Safety Victoria

The owners of apartments at Williams Rd, Toorak were enjoying their inner Melbourne’s prestigious address, that was, until they received their first Local Council Building Notice in 2017 advising that their building was covered by dangerous cladding.

Totally unaware of the situation, the owners were required to rectify the cladding and undertake building improvements which was a major shock.

After two years of trying to negotiate a favourable outcome with Government, Go Projects Australia was appointed by the Body Corporate as Project Managers and since then, the works have taken a step in the right direction.

Go Projects successfully advocated, negotiated and secured the $1.3 million Government grant from Cladding Safety Victoria (CSV) to undertake the works – which also covered Go Projects fee.

Furthermore, considerable negotiation was undertaken to navigate new Fire Engineering requirements, compliance matters and Building Permits, and a tender process was completed to appoint a Contractor.

Rectification works have now commenced, and Go Projects are overseeing the works, arranging independent quality inspections, reporting and providing Owners representation to Cladding Safety Victoria and the Victoria Building Authority.

Vytas Brazaitis, Projects Director for Go Projects stated that other Body Corporates needed to understand that this was a complex process.

“Go Projects were able to work with the CSV officers and understand what data they needed so we could tick all the boxes and fast track the repairs and that was the best outcome for the residents of this apartment building.”

Works are due to be completed in January 2020.

For more information about Go Projects and their services call Vytas on 0407 640 369.

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