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NSW State Government recognised as the Apartment Sector Leading Light

The Apartment Sector Leading Light is a category for those people or organisations that are pioneering change within the apartment sector.  And hence at the 2024 NSW Awards it was quite befitting that the NSW State Government was the recipient of this prestigious award.

While haunting memories of Opal Towers was a defining moment for the nation, NSW is the only State to have actively sought to reverse the issues with building defects.

Appointing a Building Commissioner, introducing legislation and actively inspecting construction sites, the State Government has introduced accountability and demonstrated that they do prioritise consumer protection.

Samantha Reece CEO of AAA stated that it was fabulous that the Hon Mark Butigieg MLC was in attendance at the awards ceremony and able to accept on behalf of the NSW Government.

“There are certainly areas that require some degree of tweaking with the NSW Government approach, but they have shown leadership and commitment and allocated the necessary resources and through this governance have demonstrated to other States that this is possible and for that they should be duly recognized.”

Hon Mark Buttigieg MLC accepting the award from AAA CEO Samantha Reece

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