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NSW apartment buyers and owners who have been mislead, confused and in some cases ripped off during the “cowboy” construction period in NSW over the last 10 years about their rights and responsibilities in apartment living, will now have for the first time, an expert and independent education kit to turn to for help.

Australia’s peak body for apartment owners – Australian Apartment Advocacy -- represents the interests of 2.5million apartment owners and will release on 28 June, its long awaited NSW Education Kit for apartment buyers and owners, with newly appointed NSW Property Services Commissioner, John Minns, officiating at the launch.

In an Australian and NSW first, apartment owners and buyers rights and responsibilities and those of owners corporations are explained in the kit, which has been produced with the help of independent expert advisers, including lawyers and architects.

AAA founder, Samantha Reece, said this resource marked a new era for NSW.

“I am confident that the era of cowboy builders and suppliers in the apartment sector is coming to an end in NSW after 10 years of disorder that has ruined many peoples lives. Mascot and Opal Towers are only two examples of what has happened and the NSW Government has taken the correct steps to put the apartment sector back on the right track,” Ms Recce said.

“Apartment owners and buyers have come to us for guidance, help and independent advice and this kit provides just that.

“It is about educating them to help owners and buyers make the right choices and to know their rights and obligations.

“Our Australian Apartment Advocacy six part NSW Education Kit will explain to buyers and owners of apartments, their rights and responsibilities and will provide guidance, education and information in many key areas.”

“We have showcased NSW apartment residents in the kit who have helped develop environmental initiatives and harmonious communities. They are our apartment champions.

“We are also launching Strata Success which is a tool that helps Strata Committees to review their performance as well as that of their Strata Manager. It is a benchmarking exercise for best practice and again a first in Australia.”

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