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Forge apartment social experiment winners announced

Last night at a VIP event, the Australian Apartment Advocacy in conjunction with Mirvac announced the three successful candidates, out of a pool of 300, for the Forge Apartment trial in Docklands Melbourne.

The first family to be chosen was Omrita Paskar and husband Suhas Prasad, daughter Anaina and son Aarin. Living in Wallan, which is 1.5 hour commute each way for Suhas (who works in the city), the family thought that the opportunity to have a backyard was paramount for their two kids who are aged below 4.

But instead Omrita has begun to feel isolated and pines for the vibrancy of the City.

This is the first time that the AAA has had such a young family involved in the apartment social experiment.

The second candidates are also a first, representing a multi-generational family comprising of lawyer Sarah, her husband Mark (ex-farmer) and Sarah's parents Carolyn and Jeremy who are in their 70's.

Living in a 100 year old terrace home in Carlton, Sarah has been trying to encourage her parents to move into an apartment for over four years, but has been met with resistance, with her parents concerned about lack of storage and living space.

And finally Brad and Sharon Hart will move into the apartment with daughter Abby (18). The couple who live and work in the burbs as school teachers, spend every weekend in the City and hence were keen to see how the commute would be, if they were in fact to move into the CBD in order to maximise their active lifestyle.

They also fit the growing number of people who are transitioning into apartments with adult children, hence challenging the myth that apartment living is just for downsizers.

AAA Director Samantha Reece stated that the 3 month trial, which commences in November, would be closely watched by the Melbourne community, many of whom were still considering apartment living.

"We deliberately chose three groups that did not fit the apartment norm so that we could really see if apartment living can suit any life stage," Ms Reece said.

"Our national research with 3312 apartment owners in March this year clearly demonstrated that these residents chose apartment living because it was less maintenance and offered more free time, (rather than because the kids had left home) and this trial will help to substantiate if this is in fact the case.

"I wish to express my sincere thanks to Mirvac for backing this initiative and freeing up this gorgeous apartment comprising 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom and study nook so that our groups can trial the lifestyle for free for a month each."

The three month trial will be documented and aired by Channel 9.

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1 Comment

Oct 25, 2019

I have only ever lived in an apartment mainly out of necessity. The plus side has always been about living near public transport, shopping and being single, not being isolated in the burbs. However, nowadays there are so many rules and regulations to be taken into account. Can I hang my clothes out to dry on my balcony? Can I put up a shade sail? Will my new neighbours be smokers or start cooking dinner at 9pm? Will my neighbours above me take out their carpet so that now it sounds like a herd of elephants are above me? Will I be subjected to doof doof music late at night until enough people can identify where the noise is coming…

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