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Family endorses apartment lifestyle

When Omrita Baskar saw the opportunity to try Mirvac’s Forge apartment lifestyle for a month for free – she knew this was the opportunity she had been waiting for.

Relocating from Canberra two years prior, the family had purchased a traditional home in Wallan in order to ensure a backyard for their two toddlers, but with the 1.5 hour commute for her husband each way, Omrita recognised this was far from ideal.

But could they transition to an apartment as an alternative? And especially just a two bedroom apartment?

A month on and the family now have a totally new perspective on CBD apartment living!

Omrita stated that the family had genuinely never considered apartment living as an option for their situation, but with their oldest child now attending school near the City, this had become even more viable, especially once their youngest child commenced school in just two years.

“We found as a family that we were more socialable living in the apartment,” Omrita said.

“Living in such a central location we would drive and attend events just 20 minutes away, which would normally be too far.

“Plus we spent a great deal of time going out with friends and exploring the CBD and this was in stark contrast to our experience with Wallan.

“I just went into the social experiment with the thought that if the kids were ok then I would be ok too and that was definitely the case.”

So much so, that Omrita’s 5 year old daughter Anaina has already told her mum that when she grows up she will be choosing a “holiday house” like Forge apartments.

“Having the pool within the precinct plus a grassy knoll and kids playground meant that we did not miss the backyard at all,” Omrita said.

“And in the majority the City was quiet bar one or two nights and even then once you were in the apartment you couldn’t hear any of the street noises.

“I would tell anyone with a young family that they should give apartment due consideration along with the other housing options – because like us – you will never know if it will suit you, unless you give it a go!”

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