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  • Samantha Reece

Convert your garage to an apartment! The latest LA trend!

In the U.S., there are more homes with three-car garages being constructed than there are one-bedroom apartments.

Many cities have a huge, untapped source of affordable housing: garages.

A professional estimate, indicate about 400,000 single-family homes in Los Angeles have a two-car garage that could be converted into an apartment. Until recently, Los Angeles prohibited most such conversions, but in 2017, California enacted a law that overrides local prohibitions and allows almost any homeowner to convert their garage into an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). In 2016, before the new state law took effect, Los Angeles issued only 117 permits for second units. In 2018, it issued 4,171 permits, or 36 for every one issued in 2016.

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