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Buildform pioneer build excellence in Roselands

Updated: Apr 16

A long standing builder and developer, Buildform was awarded a special commendation for the Pioneering category.

This category recognises those companies that lead the pack and break new ground in either an area or with a new approach.

Forma at Roselands is a perfect example of that leadership.

Typically an area reflecting low socio-economic, Forma lifts the standard of design and the use of brickwork, seamless entry into the apartments and the rooftop orchard are all new elements within the apartment sector for this suburb.

Seeking to provide accommodation for key workers at the local hospitals, Buildform is actively seeking a CHP so that they can accommodate a build to rent model.

Samantha Reece, CEO of AAA stated that the upfront investment by Buildform was a pioneering attitude that the judges wished to acknowledge.

“Buildform is a company that is flying under the radar and yet are delivering housing options in areas that need key worker accommodation and in a standard that lifts the overall appearance for Roselands,” Samantha said.

“We have no doubt that other developments will now follow suit and this will be a major catalyst the area and that it the epitome of pioneering.”

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