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Apartment trial at Mirvac's Forge apartments gets green light

Hot off the back of the successful apartment trial in Perth at Oracle apartments, AAA has partnered with Mirvac to conduct a similar social experiment at their Forge apartments in Yarra's Edge.

The trial will commence with a pop up apartment in Melbourne CBD whereby people who are interested in apartment living, and yet feel some degree of hesitancy, can come and register to win a one month free stay in the two bedroom apartment.

There will be three, one month stays up for grabs, with the successful guests only having to bring in their linen and clothing!

Samantha Reece Director of AAA stated that the pop up apartment would occur early September with the trials then commencing in October 2019.

"I know from the experiment in WA, where 12 groups participated in this social experiment, that there was 100% conversion rate and I am hoping we will also experience the same outcome in Melbourne."

"Our research has shown that 60% of potential buyers are unsure about the apartment lifestyle and this is a golden opportunity to try it out, with no strings attached."

The social experiment will also be covered by Channel 9.

To stay in touch with the pending dates for registration ensure you subscribe to the AAA e-news by clicking here.

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