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AAA meets with NSW Building Commissioner

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Samantha Reece Director of AAA recently met with the newly appointed NSW Building Commissioner David Chandler. Presenting the initial defects survey results in December, Samantha was struck by the determination that David demonstrated towards correcting quality concerns with some of the finished apartments in the State.

Certainly David wished to hold the developer, builder and strata managers more accountable and he outlined a number of steps he was taking to ensure that regulatory measures would enforce quality control at every level of the construction process.

He also verified that 80% of the building defects could be attributed to 20% of developers and this is key. The issues with quality is not across the board but rather can be attributed to select developers and builder and that is why buyers need to undertake their research before committing to an apartment development.

AAA will be meeting with David again on 23 January to present the NSW defects research findings in more detail. In the meantime AAA certainly looks forward to monitoring the Building Commissioners role and the suite of actions that are proposed to restore confidence to the market and buyer certainty.

For more information about David and his role click here.

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